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Chastity groups have a right to teach in denominational schools

     11th March 2014

Groups which promote chastity and abstinence before marriage have a right to address students in Catholic and other schools, The Iona Institute has said today. The Iona Institute was reacting to calls on Education Minister, Ruairi Quinn to ban such groups from schools, including Pure in Heart which has been attracting considerable publicity lately. The real question to ask about Pure in Heart is whether Catholic schools have the right to present Catholic teaching on sexuality in their own schools.
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Press release by The Iona Institute Marriage rate in Ireland has plunged by 40pc in last 40 years

     1st October 2013

New CSO figures show that Ireland’s marriage rate is now only 4.3 per 1,000. This means fewer couples in Ireland are getting married than in Britain and far fewer than in the US. It also means our marriage rate has plunged by more than 40pc since 1973, from 7.4 per 1,000 people per year to 4.3 in 2011.
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Press release by The Iona Institute: State must consider why most European countries ban surrogate motherhood

     26th September 2013

Ireland must consider why most European countries ban surrogacy in the light of the European Court of Justice's decision that a woman who had a child via a surrogate mother is not entitled to adoption leave, the Iona Institute has said.
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New report shows 500pc rise in number of divorces and separations since 1986

     5th September 2013

The Iona Institute has published a new report based on Census 2011 called ‘Marriage Breakdown and Family Structure in Ireland’. The report shows that between 1986 and 2011 there has been a 500 percent increase in the number of broken marriages in Ireland (affecting 247,000 adults in total).
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Press release from The Iona Institute Ruairi Quinn must clarify how he wants denominational schools to teach RE

     30th August 2013

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn must clarify how he wants denominational schools to teach religion and how he wants them to deal with sacramental preparation. At an education conference yesterday, Minister Quinn spoke of the need for stand-alone Catholic schools to recognise “the rights of parents and children who are not of the Catholic faith.”
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Press release from The Iona Institute State must respect Catholic ethos of Mater Hospital

     15th August 2013

The State must respect the ethos of the Mater hospital, The Iona Institute has said today. The organisation was reacting after Fr Kevin Doran, a member of the Board of Directors of the hospital said he believed the Mater “cannot comply” with the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act.
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Press release by The Iona Institute: Child-care policy must respect parental choice and not favour creches over home

     30th May 2013

A national debate is underway about the quality and supervision of our crèches following the airing of a Prime Time documentary last night revealing very disturbing mistreatment of young children by some crèche workers.
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Health Minister James Reilly should suspend public funding of

     March 28th 2013

Public funding for the website should be suspended because of its radically pro-choice philosophy, its promotion of an extremely permissive approach to sexual behaviour among teenagers, and because of the way in which the role of parents in the lives of their teenage children is almost completely sidelined by the site.
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Press release by The Iona Institute Government must move to prohibit surrogacy in the interests of children

     5th March 2013

In light of today’s ruling by the High Court in the surrogacy case, the Government must now introduce legislation to prohibit the use of surrogates in order to bring our law into line with most other European countries and to protect the rights of children.
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Press release by The Iona Institute Convention should recommend amending not deleting women in the home provision

     14th February 2013

The Constitutional Convention meets this weekend to consider Article 41.2 of the Constitution which deals with women in the home. In its submission to the Convention, the Iona Institute says the provision should not be deleted but be made gender-neutral instead.
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No Catholic schools should be transferred without guarantees says leading educationalist

     25th January 2013

No Catholic primary schools should be handed over to new patron bodies without firm guarantees that the ethos of the remaining schools will be properly respected, one of the country’s leading Catholic educationalists has said.
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Press release from The Iona Institute: Permitting assisted suicide would send a terrible signal to vulnerable people

     7th December 2012

The High Court is currently hearing the case of Marie Fleming, a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who is claiming the right to die by assisted suicide. The Iona Institute does not believe that the right to die can be regarded purely as a matter of personal autonomy. The wider societal implications of granting such a right cannot be ignored and must be the first consideration of the court.
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Press release from The Iona Institute Referendum will make very little difference to number of adoptions

     22nd October 2012

The claim that the children’s rights referendum if passed “will allow the up to 2,000 children trapped in long term state care to be adopted and given a second chance at having a loving permanent family” is without foundation. The claim is made because the Constitution prevents married couples voluntarily placing their children for adoption.
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Press release from The Iona Institute: 277,000 may belong to ‘no religion’ but this doesn’t mean they’re purely secular

     19th October 2012

New Census figures show that the number of people living in Ireland who say they have ‘no religion’ (including self-identified atheists and agnostics) has increased fourfold since 1991 and stood at 277,237 as at last year. However, we have no real way of knowing exactly what people mean when they say they belong to “no religion” without further study.
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Minister Rabbitte’s comments on Church and State 'deeply undemocratic'

     26th August 2012

August 26, 2012 - Reacting to Cardinal Brady’s comment today that the Church might lobby politicians on the issue of abortion, Minister Pat Rabbitte said it would be a “retrograde” step if the Church started “dictating” to politicians again. However, Minister Rabbitte’s remark is really an attempt to rob the Church of the democratic right to lobby. Responding to the remarks, Dr John Murray of The Iona Institute said: “It is Minister Rabbitte’s comment that is actually retrograde. First of all, lobbying is not the same as dictating.
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