How surrogacy harms human dignity: a talk

Hear a fascinating and in-depth talk by Jennifer Lahl on the history of surrogacy, the industry that services it, and…


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Iona Institute Director, David Quinn, appeared on The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk yesterday. He and Senator Gerard Craughwell debated whether or not the Good Friday ban on alcohol sales should be lifted. David argued that in many European countries...


The 8th amendment has saved thousands of lives, particularly of those who are disabled. Let’s consider the specific case of babies with Down Syndrome, also known as trisomy 21. In England and Wales ninety percent of those who are diagnosed...


Maria Steen of The Iona Institute was on RTE’s Claire Byrne Live last night to debate whether or not denominational schools should be allowed to select pupils on the basis of the religion of the school when there are too...


The Vintners’ group and the restaurateurs are campaigning once again to bring an end to the ban on selling alcohol on Good Friday. ‘It’s archaic’, they say. ‘It upsets the tourists’. They even claim (wrongly) that the Vatican sells alcohol...


In October, the Citizens’ Assembly invited the general public to submit written opinions and contribute to the discussion on the 8th amendment to the Constitution, which is the pro-life amendment. The response from concerned citizens has surprised the organisers for two reasons:...


The Citizens’ Assembly deliberations into the issue of abortion and the 8th amendment are well underway. The Iona Institute made a submission to the Assembly. It concentrates on setting out the reasons why we should not hold a referendum to...


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