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Submission to the Equality Authority on s37 of the Employment Equality Acts

14th November 2013

The Equality Authority is examining Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act which allows religious employers to protect their ethos. It has invited submissions from interested parties. Here is the submission of The Iona Institute.

The Future of Catholic Primary Schools in a Pluralist Society-Fr Michael Drumm

15th March 2012

Fr Michael Drumm defends the role of Catholic schools in a pluralist society in a talk given at the Iona Institute's conference on denominational education "Denominational schools in a pluralist society".

Ireland, the United Nations and human rights

4th October

Ireland is to appear before the UN Human Rights Council to discuss our human rights record. But UN bodies often radically misinterpret their own treaties.

David Quinn: Pope Benedict and freedom of religion in the West

9th June 2011

Here is the text of David Quinn’s talk on religious freedom in the West delivered at the Irish College, Rome, on June 3, 2011.

Submission to UN Human Rights Council

23rd March 2011

The Iona Institute has made a submission to the UN Human Rights Council, before which Ireland appears in October. The submission concentrates on freedom of conscience and religion.

Religious Education and Human Rights submission

9th February 2011

The Iona Institute has made a submission in response to the Irish Human Rights Commission Discussion Paper ‘Religion and Education: A Human Rights Perspective’. The IHRC paper argues that Ireland may be in breach of certain of our human rights obligations in respect of denominational schools. We argue that the paper proceeds from a flawed understanding of human rights and religious freedom.

The new moral absolutism

27th September 2010

The pursuit of equality as an absolute right threatens other rights, most especially freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

Freedom of Conscience and Religion-Roger Trigg

30th September 2010

Roger Trigg's speech to the Iona Institute on the threat posed to religious freedom by new equality laws.

Religious freedom in the United Kingdom-Neil Addison

30th September 2010

UK Barrister Neil Addison says that religion in the UK is often seen as "a potentially dangerous eccentricity" in a talk given to the Iona Institute.

Religion, politics and the European Union: An address by John Bruton

26th November






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