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Public lecture: What really reduces teenage pregnancy?

The Iona Institute's public lecture will take place at 8pm, Thursday, March 25 in the Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2. The topic is 'Sex and teenagers: what does and does not reduce teenage pregnancy and sexual activity'. The speaker will be Professor David Paton.

The talk is partly a response to a Law Reform Commission (LRC) discussion paper, Consultation Paper on Children and the Law: Medical Treatment, published in December which recommends, among other things, that more more teenagers be given rights to consent to medical treatment, including surgery and contraception, without the permission of their parents.

One recommendation is that teenagers as young as 14 and 15 should be allowed to make their own decisions about medical treatment provided they understand the nature and consequences of the treatment. This would also include access to contraception without their parents' knowledge or permission.

Professor David Paton, an expert in the field of teenage pregnancy, will present evidence that questions whether making contraception more freely available to teenagers does in fact reduce teenage pregancy.

Professor Paton holds the Chair of Industrial Economics at the Nottingham University Business School. His research interests include teenage pregnancy. He is a critic of New Labour's policy of promoting contraception among teenagers. His research on the determinants of teenage pregnancy has been discussed in the House of Commons and House of Lords and has been the subject of considerable press, radio and TV coverage.

The talk will be Chaired by Sean O'Fearghail, who is chairman of the Joint Committee on Health and Children , and Fianna Fail TD for Kildare South.

If you are interested in coming please email us at [email protected] Admission is free.



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