Iona Institute Videos

Introducing The Iona Institute

Our 80-second video explains who we are, what we do, and the principles that we stand for.


Aggressive Secularism: lessons from Scotland

Professor Tom Gallagher discusses aggressive secularism in Scotland and asks whether where are lessons for Ireland in the Scottish experience.


Our video explains the case for man/woman marriage

Our specially commissioned video sets out the case for man/woman marriage and how marriage as presently defined is our most vital and child-centred social institution.


Mr Henk Vos explains parental choice in education in the Netherlands

Mr Henk Vos, a member VGS an organisation which supports boards and directors of Christian schools in the Netherlands, spoke to the Iona Institute about the Dutch experience of faith schools.


Fr Michael Drumm on the rights of denominational schools

The Chair of the Catholic schools Partnership, Fr Michael Drumm, speaks about the threats to denominational schools posed by certain proposals made by the Forum on Patronage and pluralism.


George Weigel on "Renewing the Church"

George Weigel, author of 'Witness to Hope', the biography of John Paul II, and 'The Courage to be Catholic', addressed a packed meeting organised by The Iona Institute on the subject of 'Renewing the Church'.


John Waters on ‘Ireland the abolition of God'

In December 2012, columnist and author John Waters spoke to a packed meeting of the Iona Institute on the subject of ‘Ireland and the Abolition of God’. John told the meeting that Irish culture has created a situation in which it is almost impermissable to speak about God or transcendental truths in public.


Love, sex and marriage in liberal societies: A talk by Professor John Haldane

In September 2012, the Iona Institute hosted noted philosopher Professor John Haldane of St Andrew's University, Scotland. His topic was ‘Love, sex and marriage in liberal societies’.


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