Ireland and the abolition of God

Talk by John Waters

'Ireland and the abolition of God'

When: Wednesday, December 12

Where: Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2

Time: 8pm

Admission: Free

Our next talk which will be given by commentator and author, John Waters.

John will discuss how Ireland has pushed talk of God and religion to the margins of public debate, how we have compartmentalised it, and how we have done this even in our private lives. Talk of God has become somehow embarrassing.

He will argue that the end result of this isn’t liberation, but a narrowing of our horizons and a closing of our minds as we cut ourselves off from the transcendent and the possibility of finding ultimate meaning and purpose in life.

John is a columnist with The Irish Times and The Irish Sunday Mail.

He is the author of numerous books including ‘Jiving at the Crossroads;  An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Ireland’; ‘Lapsed Agnostic’ ;  ‘Beyond Consolation: or How We Became Too Clever for God... and Our Own Good’; and ‘Was it for this? Why Ireland lost the plot’.

If you would like to attend and have not already done so, please email [email protected]  or phone 01 6619 204. (Letting us know whether you are attending is very helpful as it gives us an idea how many seats to put out and how many to serve with tea and coffee afterwards).