Denominational schools in a pluralist Ireland


Speakers: Bishop Richard Clarke, Fr Michael Drumm and Mr Henk Vos


Chair: Dr John Murray


The Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2 (behind the Davenport hotel)


Thursday, March 15, 9.30am – 12.30pm - Admission free


THE FORUM on the Future Patronage of Primary Schools convened by Education Minister Ruairi Quinn last year considered a mechanism for handing over an undetermined number of Catholic primary schools to new patron bodies.

However, it also set out a more ‘inclusive’ vision for the remaining denominational schools which, if implemented, would have extremely far-reaching consequences for their ability to remain true to their denominational identities.

Accordingly, our conference will examine the following issues:

-          The preliminary report of the forum and their implications for denominational schools

-          The actual experience of denominational schools in catering for a more diverse population

-          How denominational schools can be more inclusive while at the same time being true to their identities

-          The experience of Holland which is a very multi-cultural society but where there is a flourishing State-funded denominational school sector

If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] or phone 01 6619 204.



9.30        Registration

9.45        Welcome and introductory remarks

9.50        The future of Catholic primary schools in a pluralist society

                 Fr Michael Drumm

10.20     Faith-based schools in multi-cultural Holland

               Henk Vos


 10.50:    Questions and answers

 11.10:    Coffee break

11.30:    The future of Church of Ireland primary schools in a pluralist society

               Bishop Richard Clarke

12:00:    Questions and closing remarks


Speakers and Chair


Bishop Richard Clarke. The Most Rev Dr Richard Clarke, is the Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath and Kildare

Fr Michael Drumm. Fr Drumm is the Chairman of The Catholic Schools Partnership

Mr Henk Vos. Mr Vos is director of VGS, an organisation which supports boards and directors of Christian schools in the Netherlands. In this capacity, Mr. Vos has a broad experience with questions relating to identity and education.

Dr John Murray. Dr Murray lectures in moral theology at Mater Dei Institute and is Chairman of The Iona Institute.