John Waters on ‘Ireland and the End of Debate’

On June 9, John Waters addressed a packed meeting of The Iona Institute in the Davenport hotel, Dublin. His topic…


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Brit EU Flags

By Dr Tom Finegan The public debate leading up to the Brexit vote was fascinating. Not so much for the substance of the arguments put forth by either side of the debate, but for basic messaging of the Remain side...

Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting.

Public debate on abortion mostly pits the “fully pro-life” view against the “partly pro-choice” view. So the campaign against the 8th Amendment is being spearheaded in part by those looking for so-called minor exceptions to the protection of unborn children,...


‘Mind the Gap’, a new report from The Iona Institute, shows how a person’s chances of marrying are hugely affected by the social class they are born into. The report shows that upper professional workers are more than twice as...

Assisted Suicide 2

The issue of the ‘right to die’ has resurfaced in Ireland after ‘right to die’ campaigner, Tom Curran, admitted he has helped some 200 people to plan their suicides. David Quinn of The Iona Institute, and Michael Nugent of Atheist...

Human rights

New research shows that the percentage of Britons who say they have no religion now exceeds the number who say they are Christian. By any reckoning that is a watershed. It is one that many ‘progressives’ will welcome, but they...

Catholic schools

This week, new Education Minister, Richard Bruton, announced plans to speed up divestment of some Catholic schools so as to allow a wider choice of schools to parents. David Quinn of The Iona Institute and Paddy Monahan of Educate Equality debated...


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