How our tax system penalises families today

A recent paper from The Iona Institute shows that families today are massively penalised by the tax system compared with…


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embryo in woman hand
By Patrick Fitzgerald

The Irish State seems to have a “deep seated aversion” to the unborn child. Who said that? It might surprise you that it was not a pro-life activist, but rather High Court judge and former Labour party councillor, Richard Humphreys....


The Irish Times has carried yet another article calling for an end to publicly-funded denominational education. It argues that Ireland should copy Quebec if it wants to end its “patronage problem”. Through an Act of Parliament, highly secular Quebec basically...

happy family mother and daughter read a book in the evening at home

“Budget 2017 discriminates against every parent of young children who does not use day care. That might mean you. Contrary to what you often read, only a minority of parents put their children into day care and only a minority...


Actress and comedian, Sally Philips, performed a tremendous service this week with her BBC 2 documentary, ‘A World without Down’s Syndrome’. She shone a light on the fact that in Britain, nine out of ten children diagnosed in the womb...


Over the course of the last fortnight there has been widespread media attention on the birth of the world’s first ‘three parent child.’ Although this claim is misleading for several distinct reasons, it has served to focus attention on issues of...

Divorce 2

If your parents are divorced there is less chance that you will be religious. That is the finding of a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute. In other words, a high divorce rate is driving down religious belief....


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