How surrogacy harms human dignity: a talk

Hear a fascinating and in-depth talk by Jennifer Lahl on the history of surrogacy, the industry that services it, and…


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Maria Steen of The Iona Institute was on RTE’s Drivetime on Monday evening to discuss the recommendations by the Citizens’ Assembly in favour of a very wide-ranging liberalisation of our abortion laws to bring them more in line with Britain’s....


Colm O’Gorman spoke at the last meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly and made some remarkable comments about abortion rates and Ireland. Will they stand a close scrutiny? The short answer is, no. He said: “Countries with more liberal abortion laws...


The Catholic Church is rightly excoriated for its past failure to properly protect children from sexual abuse by clergy. Its moral authority has been severely damaged by these scandals. The United Nations is another organisation that is often placed on...


Iona Institute Director, David Quinn, appeared on RTE’s Prime Time last week to debate Census figures showing a decline in the number of Irish people who consider themselves to be Catholic. He debated what this means with Una Mullally of...


Census 2016 data, released last week, shows that the number of people in Ireland who say they don’t belong to any given religion has risen to just under 10pc of the population (the so-called ‘nones’), while the number saying they...


The shocking murder of several dozen Coptic Christians in Egypt as they worshipped in their churches on Palm Sunday ought to shake other Christians to the core and draw far more attention to the violent persecution of Christians in many...


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