John Waters on ‘Ireland and the End of Debate’

On June 9, John Waters addressed a packed meeting of The Iona Institute in the Davenport hotel, Dublin. His topic…


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By David Quinn

Paschal Donohoe is interviewed in the current issue of Hot Press. He ranges over many issues, including abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. He supports repeal of the 8th amendment, is ambiguous about euthanasia, and is enthusiastic about gay marriage and...

Divorce 2

New data from the Court Services show that women are more likely to ask for a separation, or a divorce, than men. This is in line with figures from the US and the UK. It begs the obvious question; why...

Body shaming

It is increasingly the case that criticism – even if completely legitimate – is being denounced as “shaming”. The most obvious example is the viral use of the term “body shaming”.  To label a particular body type as too fat, or too thin,...


Two experts, Janet Bettle, a barrister at Trinity Chambers in England, and Jonathan Herring, a law professor at Oxford University, have co-written a piece on the legal possibility of marrying – wait for it – a human-like robot. You can...

Brit EU Flags

By Dr Tom Finegan The public debate leading up to the Brexit vote was fascinating. Not so much for the substance of the arguments put forth by either side of the debate, but for basic messaging of the Remain side...

Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting.

Public debate on abortion mostly pits the “fully pro-life” view against the “partly pro-choice” view. So the campaign against the 8th Amendment is being spearheaded in part by those looking for so-called minor exceptions to the protection of unborn children,...


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